Konjac sponges

Konjac facial sponge, a game-changer for your beauty routine

Have you heard about the Konjac facial sponge and its amazing benefits?

Not only does konjac facial sponge gently cleanse and exfoliates your skin in one simple step giving it a radiant glow, but it is 100% sustainable, vegan, and biodegradable. They can be composted along with your veggie and fruit leftovers. When I first tried the konjac sponge, I was instantly hooked.

konjac plant

So what’s konjac?

Amorphophallus konjac, also known as elephant yam, is a plant that’s native to Asia. In ancient China, the plant was called Devil’s tongue. Konjac root has long been used in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia for both cooking and medicinal purposes. Konjac is rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, & E), proteins, lipids, fatty acids, and natural minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, and magnesium.

How are konjac sponges made?

Sponges are made from the soft fibers found in the root of the konjac plant.

First, you mix water with konjac root powder which thickens it into a paste. The paste is then mixed with calcium hydroxide to make it alkaline. Afterward, the paste is heated to solidify it. And lastly, the mixture is kept frozen for a night and dried slowly to evaporate the water. And here you have your sponge!

When dry, a konjac sponge looks like a lightweight porous rock and once you soak it in water for 15-30 seconds, it turns into squishy and extremely soft sponge. And it feels so pleasant on the skin!

Which skin type the konjac sponge is suitable for?

The konjac sponge is great for many different skin types, from “acne-prone, blackhead-prone, and oily skin to help unclog pores” and “sensitive, dry, and sun-damaged skin to gently remove dry skin cells and flakes,” according to this article.

The plant fiber gently removes dirt, sunscreen, oil and heavy makeup and you can use it with or without a cleanser.

Feel free to use the sponge all over your body for a gentle exfoliation!

How to use your konjac sponge?

  • Soak the Konjac sponge in water until it softens, then gently squeeze out the excess.
  • Massage your face using gentle circular motions.
  • Use alone or with a cleanser if desired morning and night.
  • After use, rinse your Konjac sponge thoroughly and hang to dry (sponge has a cotton string attached to it for your convenience). Your Konjac Sponge will shrink and harden back to its original shape while it dries out.
  • Replace your exfoliating Konjac face sponge every 6 to 8 weeks.

Types of the sponges

In our store, we carry 2 kinds of konjac sponges: grey/charcoal and white/natural. They both come in teardrop and round shapes.

Charcoal is a great ingredient for detoxification and skin prone to breakouts.

White sponges don’t have any added ingredients and are suitable for all skin types and perfect for sensitive skin.

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